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About ESSB

The Egyptian Scientific Society of Bronchology is a non-governmental scientific organization issued on
October 20th, 2001, holding the social registration number of #1628, and dedicated to broncho-pulmonary
medicine with a special interest in bronchoscopy and interventional pulmonology.

Vision & Mission

ESSB’s mission is to lead and provide excellence and help promote lung health around Egypt, the Middle
East, and Africa in the field of respiratory medicine. The society aims to promote the highest quality
research by developing and improving techniques that benefit patients. The ESSB aim is to provide Health
care workers with continuous medical education and up-to-date information and skills in all aspects of
respiratory medicine, this is established through the regular organization of conferences, academic
events, post-graduate courses, symposia, hands-on workshops, e-learning, and the high-quality
publications of “The Egyptian Journal of Bronchology”, available since March 2007.


Executive Committee
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Prof. Tarek Safwat
President Show more
Prof. Adel Khattab
Deputy President Show more
Prof. Essam Gouda
Secretary General Show more
Prof. Yasser Mostafa
Treasurer Show more

Board Members

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Ahmed Al Halfawy
Ahmed Gharib
Amr Shoukri
Ashraf Hatem
Ashraf Madkour
Assem El Essawy
Emad Korraa
Gamal Rabie Agamy
Khaled Wagih
Mohamed Hantera
Mostafa El Shazly
Nader Fasih
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ESSB Committee

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Ayman Ibrahim Baess
Tamer M. Ali
Waleed El Sorougy
Yasmin Hamdy
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Working Groups

ESSB General Assembly Working Group
Group Director Prof. Tarek Safwat
ESSB Working Group of Pulmonary Infections
Group Director Prof. Adel Khattab
ESSB Working Group of Grand Clinical Round(GCR)
Group Director Prof. Essam Gouda
ESSB Working Group of Airway Diseases
Group Director Prof. Yasser Mostafa
ESSB Bronchology Club
Group Director Prof. Adel Khattab
ESSB Working Group of Pulmonary Vascular Diseases, Pulmonary Hypertension & Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine
Group Director Prof. Mostafa El Shazly
ESSB Working Group of Interventional Pulmonology
Group Director Prof. Emad Korraa

General Question

Society Location

14 E Khalil St., Lebanon Sq., El Mohandseen

Conference Organizing Bureau 14 E Khalil St., Lebanon Sq., El Mohandseen Phone: (202)-33023642 | WhatsApp: +201028045515 Email:
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