2nd wave of Sono Egypt

Sono Egypt

<div><p>Register Now &amp; Don't miss your chance of being a part of the 2nd wave of Sono Egypt ;That it's going to be in Alexandria at 22 &amp; 23 of September, 2022.</p><p> Here is Registration link:<span class="_5mfr"><span class="_6qdm" style="height: 16px; width: 16px; font-size: 16px; background-image: url(&quot;;)">👇🏻</span></span><br> <a href=";h=AT0n7XdolpeMEi_RD0q8sanik_YLox7I0VAzweYMKLASLno8EJ2b0knDTvpaGVMaoHfnXopHQuGAF3ptOzOF48-K6wUwsEOxMTaJiW4SCGC-FlycTeepreborObnS_7mQht9cn-Tv-mfYTIkiOyxBLdBMC_BIVUAr43tYQ" target="_blank" data-sigil="MLynx_asynclazy"></a></p><p> For more information &amp; details contact us:<br> 0103 3341373 - 01033341372 - 01010339006</p></div>